There is no February 31st in the calendar.

FEB31st is an Italian firm whose story is based on the vision and tenacity of three entrepreneurs and has grown and spread throughout the world.

Its founders wanted a reliable form of light manufacturing, open to innovation and flexible in the face of change. Quick and craft-based. Respecting the environment, the workers, their skills and the relevant financial processes. Capable of giving its customers freedom of choice and genuinely tailor-made objects.

At Kenyons, we love the total uniqueness of Feb31st; from colour combinations to frame material and ability to engrave your name on them, you won’t stumble across anybody else wearing your glasses!

FEB31st really do go the extra mile to give you high quality sunglasses or optical glasses that are totally personalised, with a focus on high quality finish right at the forefront.

43 colours to be combined at will, either in the alternate inner layers to compose a bespoke colour sandwich or in the combination of the front of the frame with the temples. What are you waiting for?

We are not listing any specific sunglasses or optical eyewear on-site at this time. There’s a very good reason for that! Each pair is truly individual and we want to help create the perfect pair of glasses to suit your face, hair and eye colour and dreams!

However, if you buy a pair, and allow us permission, we’d LOVE to feature you right here on this page as inspiration for other people who are looking at this amazing brand. Jump on board, show the world your individuality!

Speak to us about FEB31st Eyewear now. Experience freedom.