Everyday environments come with their own, special sometimes challenging conditions for your eyes. The better you are able to adapt to these conditions the more comfortable you feel in yourself and your surroundings.

Occupational lenses are a very useful addition to your normal pair of spectacles lenses, offering the perfect viewing solution for a lot of professional and private situations that require intensive visual activity at a specific distance; the meeting room, in front of the computer or working in the shopfront.

Depending on the job, our eyes must master very different challenges.

Our mission, one which we take great pride in, is to give you the right tools for the job!

When you work at a desk, your body mostly remains in a stationary position. Your eyes, however don’t.

PC lense designs provide a very large and wide near and intermediate zone, ensuring comfortable eye movement between the screen of your PC, your keyboard and all the other things you keep on your desk.

Occupational 1m lenses offer a very comfortable near and intermediate zone, with the focus on activities at a distance of about 1m. That makes it perfect for everyone working at close contact with colleagues or customers.

Occupational 2m lenses ensure clarity at a main focal distance of about 2m. While giving you sharp views of what is right in front of you they also let you see clearly and comfortably what is happening at an intermediate distance.

Occupational dispensing

The eye, like all other parts of the body, is totally unique.

It is widely recognised that the ability to see is one of the most important human senses and as such, more than most environments, it is essential to ensure that the health of the eye for working practises is monitored on a regular basis, regardless of age.

Interpretation of spectacle prescriptions is a highly skilled and complex task. Understanding the complexities of the eye and the needs of the patient in order to achieve the desired outcome is dependent on the skill of the individual undertaking the task.

At Kenyon Opticians, we sit down with you to understand your workplace in great detail. With this knowledge we can ensure you receive the best possible prescription for optimum occupational lenses.