ECO Sunglasses Sun Clip

Change your vision (and the world) with a clip..

Instantly transform your stylish specs into super sunglasses with a Sun Clip. And help the planet as you do so. It’s a win, win.

Struggling to decide whether to get yourself a pair of opticals or grab a new pair of sunglasses? Enter the sun clip. These lovelies will clip easily onto your favourite pair of selected opticals and can fold away in an instant as soon as the clouds inevitably show their ugly head.

Easy to wear. Practical. Versatile. Adaptable. Magnetic.

Make it last

We know that all big changes come in the form of many small ones, and by spreading awareness and using sustainable materials in our frames, packaging, and displays, everyone can make a difference – one frame at a time!

One frame, One tree

Trees cool the planet and clean the air. And planting trees empowers entire communities by helping them restore their environment, grow more food and build a sustainable future.

Book an appointment and try out our ECO Range of optical eyewear with sunglasses clip. You’ll be able to see properly and look awesome at the same time!

Who knew buying sunglasses would be a cool way to help the planet?!

See you soon.




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