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What’s the difference between an ophthalmic optician and a dispensing optician?

Just like an ophthalmic optician (optometrist) a dispensing optician is registered with General Optician Council (GOC) which keeps a list of all registered opticians.

Fay and Graham are also registered with Association of British Dispensing Opticians which allows them to use the initials FBDO after their names. In order to remain registered all opticians are required to continue their education through lectures and online study.

So what are dispensing opticians trained to do?

  • interpret a prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist
  • dispense and fit specs and other optician aids.Whilst you’re trying on our fabulous frames we’re considering how your prescription lenses will look in every frame you try.
  • take facial and frame measurements to ensure a correct fit AND lens positioning.Lens position can make a HUGE difference to how you see through your specs.
  • dispense and supervise the dispensing of children under the age of 16
  • advise on specialist lenses and tints for shooting, fishing, cycling, golf, sailing, infact all kinds of sporting activities.
  • ordering lenses from prescription laboratories and checking the lenses meet the correct specifications on return
  • advise partially sighted patients on the use of low visual aids
We repair specs (Graham has been called a magician on many an occasion when broken specs are brought in looking terminal!), adjust specs, advise on minor eye conditions, no two days are the same.
So whatever your query, call in for a chat, we’re happy to help, whether it’s to refresh your look or take care of your eyes.
Until the next one, Fay.

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