Novelty Contact Lenses

Thinking about wearing novelty lenses for Halloween? Here’s our view…

We love a party. Anyone who follows us and knows our brand will be aware we are partial to a gin or two and a night of music and revelling! So, rather than be party poopers without any facts or advice, we thought it best to give you the low down and avoid a fright!!

We eye experts warn of the risks of wearing novelty contact lenses at Halloween, and other party occasions. The can look cool, but they can also cause nasty infections and scratches to the eyes.

These cosmetic contact lenses are often sold in joke or fancy-dress shops and on websites, but they don’t often provide instructions on safe use. The Association of Optometrists said its members often saw people with eye problems after wearing novelty lenses. In fact, in extreme cases, wearing novelty contacts can lead to impaired vision and sight loss!

Here’s the Kenyon Opticians quick guide to wearing novelty contacts:

  • Make sure a registered optician checks the lenses fit safely
  • IN FACT, KNOW THE LAW – Although non-prescription lenses are widely available online and on the high street from hairdressers, tattoo parlours and nail bars, it is illegal to sell these lenses without the direct supervision of an optometrist, dispensing optician or doctor*
  • If you are re-wearing contact lenses of any sort, including novelty lenses, you must make sure that you clean them thoroughly after use and disinfect them with the recommended contact lens solution. Never use tap water, the wrong solution, or lick them – and if they drop on the floor don’t simply pop them back in.
  • Do not keep lenses in all night, give your eyes a break every now and again
  • You should not share contact lenses with friends, as even quickly trying them on can lead to eye infections
  • Driving with novelty lenses at night (even if you wear glasses over the top) may also be dangerous: if the lenses are opaque with a hole for you to look through, they may still impair your vision if improperly aligned
  • Don’t let them come into contact with water, saliva, alcohol!
  • If you experience any eye discomfort when, or after, wearing any type of contact lens contact your optometrist without delay.

*According to the College of Optometrists

Have a great day and #takecareofyoureyes

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