Spectralis OCT machine

Mind the gap; an optical leap of faith for Bingley Opticians

David Kenyon liked his gadgets. He also had vision, excuse the pun. He offered colorimetry well before Bradford University and provided Corneal Topography when it was first released.

Since David’s retirement, we have continued to upgrade, update and push the optical boundaries. Over the last few years we’ve been looking to add OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) to the list of services for our loyal clientele. Finally, this summer, after a significant investment and much research we took the plunge and purchased a stat-of-the-art Spectralis machine.

Why choose German manufacturer Heidelberg?

Well, it did help that the UK rep, Mike, lives in Wilsden. How handy is that for a demonstration?! Having a local professional also helps to extract maximum benefits from the equipment and it’s always nice to reward him with a good cup of Yorkshire tea!

So, last Summer we took delivery of the Spectralis demonstration model for a week long loan and some patients asked to be guinea pigs. They were very keen to see the new technology. Lesley and Barney got to be ‘hands on’ before we made the commitment. A win win.

During our research we found that both the Bradford Royal Infirmary and The Yorkshire Clinic were using the machine we preferred; this totally sealed the deal for us.

The knowledge that the optical information we’d be referring would be so easily understood, and that hospital professionals had chosen Spectralis, reassured us that we were making the right decision. Given our decision was taken with a firm focus on our local community, a place where we live AND work, this was really important to us.

A step ahead of the competition – we can now see the smallest change and that changes everything!

Spectralis is light years ahead of the standard eye examination technology available at most opticians, so we are extremely chuffed to have our industry leading technology in place and look forward to providing 4D eyecare to the people of Bingley and West Yorkshire.

Come in and be amazed! You’ll definitely be able to believe your eyes.

Read more about Spectralis OCT here.


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