Lesley and new Optometrist, Jennifer Capozio

Meet Jenny, our New Optometrist, as she settles in to a whole new level of customer service

So, a huge welcome to Jenny Capozio, the newest addition to our tight knit team here at Kenyon Opticians.

Jenny has come to us from Boots Opticians, where she was a very popular and respected Optometrist.

How often in life does ‘it’s a small world’ crop up in conversation? Loads! There always seems to be a story. And Jenny’s journey to Kenyon’s has created a FANTASTIC STORY which we’d love to share.

Lesley is leaving us to retire, to be replaced by Jenny, who Lesley mentored as a 16yr old girl at the outset of her career! You couldn’t make it up.

Let’s leave the story to the ladies themselves. Lesley first…

‘I first met Jenny as a 16 year old girl who I knew would go on to become a successful Optometrist. Jenny was very bright and sure of what she was doing even at such a young age and she possessed a confidence in dealing with people, challenging her peers and thinking on her feet that I hadn’t really seen too often.

She will be a fantastic addition to the Kenyon’s team. I will miss my colleagues ever so much and my patients, who I felt like I’d got to know individually over 10 years.’

Lesley, will be a great loss to the practice, having been a part of our team for 10 years. She’s currently planning a six week trip to New Zealand, via Singapore.

Jenny tells us:

Lesley was an experienced and very approachable supervisor who helped me a great deal. She gave me insight in to the optical industry and provided several tips I still rely upon today, especially when dealing or testing people you know – ‘do what you need to do first, then do the friend thing afterwards’ has always resonated with me. We kept in touch over the years and it was Lesley, in fact, who gave me the heads up that this exciting opportunity at Kenyon’s was coming up. I once even went to work with Lesley’s husband, Derek, in some kind of ‘take your daughter to work day!’ where I learned about how eyesight was affected in the workplace in regard to ergonomics, screen usage and lighting. My relationship with Lesley has been truly beneficial and has helped get me to where I am in my career right now.’

Jenny has been with us for two weeks now and has settled in really well. Some of our procedures and equipment has opened her eyes to the personalised service a small practice has to to offer. Learning new skills, such as operating our state-of-the-art OCT machine is something Jenny is really looking forward to.

The biggest change from my previous job is the work ethic. It is not target or speed focused. Being able to take the time to get to know my new patients is a really positive thing for both myself and the service we can offer. The quality of the testing equipment is outstanding and, as there isn’t someone doing the pre-screening, which is a barrier, I’m able to spot potential issues myself much quicker. I see being part of this fantastic team as a long term opportunity for me to really advance my skill set.

We are delighted to have someone of age and Jenny’s experience join the team. We are sure she will challenge us to keep improving our service given her insight gained from a mainstream, multi-outlet optical environment.

If you’ve been a patient of Jenny previously, we are more than happy to welcome you to our practice and give you the benefit of truly individual and patient-focused optical care.

Have a great day and #takecareofyoureyes

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