Sunglasses from Daytona Beach, Florida? Yes please.

The first of our online ranges to be launched, Costa Del Mar sunglasses are perfect if you like messing about on the water or demand the best industry forward lens technology that provides 100% UV protection.

Designed in Daytona Beach, Florida, each and every pair is handmade with bio based resin which, unlike petroleum plastics, don’t take 500 years to break down.

This forms part of Costa’s ‘kick plastic’ initiative – protect our planet’s waters and we’re right with them on that one!

Costa Only Supply Polarized Lenses.

Most polarised lenses eliminate glare by blocking selected light, but Costa’s patented 580 lenses go further, blocking harsh yellow light and harmful blue light whilst enhancing reds, blues and greens.

The result: less blur, less haze, greater contrast and clarity.

Lenses come in glass, polycarbonate and trivex options with a range of colour and mirror finishes, optimised for various light conditions and activities. It’s like seeing in High Definition!


Shop Costa del Mar Sunglasses now. You’ll look great and help protect the planet!