Anne et Valentin frames are created and prototyped by a creative team in Toulouse.

Each product, and store, reflects the brand’s love of the fine things… The ceramics, the furniture, the decoration, the lighting, everything has a place of it own, in harmony with our approach and our philosophy.

There is the crucial and essential human element to their work, which they hold close to heart and each optician is trained to ensure that the know-how is passed on, be it technical or artistic.

Attention is king. Anne et Valentin are creator-opticians. Visual comfort is a priority, as is the quality of their lenses. Frames are individually made on site, in their amazing workshops.

Understanding you and finding the right model for you to shine, is a key element of the Kenyon Opticians brand and it matches that of Anne et Valentin.

We want to match your eyewear to your personality. And there is SO MUCH personality is this amazing  brand’s work. We just love their work! We hope you will too

Each time you put on your glasses, you present yourself to the world just as you are.