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Etnia Barcelona making ‘A Bigger Splash’ thanks to local artist, David Hockney

David Hockney, megastar Bradford artist who showcases his work at Salt’s Mill, Saltaire is a major inspiration for Etnia Barcelona. The vibrant and enigmatic swimming pool “A Bigger Splash”, has been used to present this season’s new glasses collection, a part of Etnia’s #BeAnartist SS19 campaign.

*TRUE FACT* On 15 November 2018, Hockney’s 1972 work Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) sold at Christie’s auction house in New York City for $90 million (£70 million), becoming the most expensive work by a living artist sold at auction.

Wow, local boy done good!

Thomas Harnett O’Meara

Etnia have joined forces once again with the world of art, this time turning to the renowned illustrator and animator, Thomas Harnett O’Meara, who unleashed his creativity and took inspiration from Etnia glasses and Hockney himself.

Thomas a London based artist, passionate about animation and stop motion, has brought to life the Hockney painting  “A Bigger Splash”, reinterpreting Etnia Sunglasses designs from his own point of view.

Thomas knows David Hockney’s work very well as he had the honour of presenting a short animated film at the Tate Britain as part of the launch of the British artist’s exhibition. He was immediately able to capture the vibrant colours and energy radiated by Hockney’s sunny paintings.

Q&A with O’Meara

It’s not the first time your work revolves around David Hockney’s universe. What does his artwork mean to you?

Hockney’s work has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. The Walker Art gallery in Liverpool (where I am from) has the painting ‘Peter getting out of Nick’s pool’ and I went to see when I was around 7 or 8 with my dad, since then it has always stuck with me. Hockney is a master of composition and colour, which is something I aspire to myself.

Can you tell us a bit about your collaboration for the Tate Britain exhibition of David Hockney?

It was a dream project really. Tate gave me lots of time and complete creative freedom which is invaluable. When the film was finished Hockney said ‘It’s really cool’ which is all the endorsement I need.

What does his painting “A Bigger Splash” make you feel?

It makes think of lazy holidays and sun drenched pools, it is almost as though you are lying on the sun longer watching a scene unfold upon the canvas.

What would you say you and Hockney have in common?

Haha I’m not sure. We both went to the Royal College of Art… Does that count?

And what about David Hockney and Etnia Barcelona: what would you say we share?

Well you both love glasses, and a crisp sense of deign shared with a bold colour palette!

Have a great day and #takecareofyoureyes

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