Back to school for Kenyons; increased learning for reduced vision.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

It’s a while since a school curriculum was a part of my life, but we do love learning here at Kenyons. With that in mind, I attended another course last week and got chatting to the course facilitator about how Low Vision Aids are neglected in high street practices.

This is an area that many opticians tend to hand over to hospital eye services or specialist organisations like the Royal National Institute for the Blind. They help people who are registered as ‘partially sighted’, those for whom a pair of specs are inadequate to correct their vision.

The partially sighted need more specialist sight services like magnifiers, anti-glare shields, special lighting etc. Although this isn’t something we do in practice, we do want to signpost people to local services that do. That’s a being part of a community, right?

We’re all living longer and many eye conditions that occur because of old age can cause reduced vision which can have a massive impact on people’s day to day life.

Have a great day and #takecareofyoureyes

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