Mido Milan 2019

All eyes on Milan…

So, our lovely customers, friends and extended optical family, as this post headline will tell you we are heading out to Milan tomorrow (squeeeeeeal) on a little work trip. Our destination is the Mido Eyewear Show 2019.

You may, or may not, already know, we are taking all our staff and their partners with us as a thank you for their incredible hard work last year.

Given the extra special nature of what is a frequent busman’s holiday (to see all that is new and exciting is the world of eye fashion) our brand chap asked us for some views on the expedition.

I use the word expedition carefully; there are ten of us, enough baggage to worry a Sherpa, the guys have all kinds of maps and tools and ‘unnecessary men holiday things’, whilst the ladies all have four pairs of shoes, three handbags, two dresses for each day and enough accessories to warrant excess baggage charges (I mean, what do you wear when you’re invited to the TOM FORD END OF SHOW PARTY for heavens sake?).

The things we do to keep our customers at the cutting edge of eye fashion 🙂

Well, don’t judge me, here goes:

  • We are all super excited
  • Very definitely looking forward to the hospitality
  • We might be slightly hyper about the Tom Ford party

Are we ON brand here, Mr D?  #AllEyesOnMilan

We have made appointments with:

  • Yellows Plus
  • Moscot
  • Paul Smith
  • LGR (a super cool Italian brand inspired by Africa)

We are looking forward to seeing:

  • Andy Wolf Eyewear
  • GiGi Barcelona
  • Carrera 70’s style sunnies
  • whether the 70’s style catwalk influences have filtered into Eyewear
  • what the European Opticians are wearing themselves as UK opticians are so conservative!

Actually, it is pretty hard work and long days. With that in mind, we are definitely looking forward to the WINDOW shopping in the centre of Milan, Prada Gucci etc

And people watching. Which is what glasses are for. Right?

We’d love you to follow our expedition; we will be doing the right thing and taking tons of selfies, videos and sending you snapshots into brand new eye fashion and optical expertise.

Basically, you can join us. For free. Bargain! Simply follow us on social media using…


We’ll bring you back something nice. 

A presto. Fay.

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