A big thanks to the NHS

A ‘View from Lockdown’ – going the extra mile…

So, how’s Lockdown treating you these days? Change is all around us and we’re definitely moving quickly with the times. Lots more big news to come soon, but let’s fill you in on our ‘View from Lockdown’ so far.

Fay has been delivering contact lenses during her ‘government allowed’ daily exercise run.

We could have asked the lens manufacturers to deliver direct but a personal delivery has ensured we remain in contact with patients. Meaning, if they have any vision concerns they can talk to us or be reassured of the services we can provide if they need us. And, of course, they’ve been thrilled with the personal service!

MorsbagsFay got in contact with the Plastic Free Facebook group to get a stash of ‘Morsbags’ for doorstep deliveries. The bags have been a hit too!

Consultations news.

Over the past few weeks we’ve had an increase in phone calls from worried patients with eye symptoms. It seems that people ‘didn’t want to bother anyone’ at the start of lockdown and so they soldiered on. After 12 weeks of lockdown they’ve realised they can’t manage so they’ve been in touch.

Both Jenny and Graham have done telephone consultations and some have resulted in a patient face to face requirement. Which they have done. During the pandemic, one of aims has been to alleviate the pressure from GP’s, Pharmacy and Hospital Eye Services. We’ve been able to reassure patients about their symptoms and on occasion been able to refer directly to the BRI so limiting contact with other services. Bob on!

Work from homers

As time has gone on, we’ve also been receiving phone calls from people ‘working from home’ who’ve struggled with long periods at the laptop etc. Symptoms of blurred vision, dry eye and headaches abound.

We’ve been able to advise, be it reminding them of the 20/20/20 rule (blink!) or suggesting eye drops etc.

The See You Through Lockdown range

This range was designed to address an issue with patients ordering a single vision reading or computer pair of glasses. Now, instead of relying on their Varifocals for long sessions at the laptop, these budget specs do a more specific job, admirably.

The range has done really well!


We’ve been really keen to repair any broken specs. Graham has been collecting specs on footsteps, taking them back to the practice to repair and returning them to the doorstep. Or ordering the parts in order to keep the specs serviceable until we are able to open for choosing new ones.

One patient, who’s moved to Harrogate, needed assistance. No problem for our intrepid fixer. Graham set up a makeshift lab in his car so he could repair the specs on the patient’s drive. We really DO go the extra mile!

Making good use of Lockdown time

We have ALL participated in training webinars for PPE, infection control and all the new protocols received from our professional bodies. We’ve also taken the opportunity to refresh our optical knowledge too. UV light, paediatric dispensing, contact lenses and, of course, we’ve all imbibed our Friday night drinks virtually, via Zoom!

Lydia, our daughter and resident football maniac, did a fantastic ‘Thank You Key Workers’ display, which was really well received.

A big thanks to the NHS

Behind the Volk

Fay and Graham contributed to the Crazy Optom #behindthevolk campaign to connect the optometry community worldwide. Check out the Kenyon Facebook page for more details on that one!

Face à face dedicated their Instagram to Kenyons for the day!

Key supplier and mega eyewear designers, Face à Face made Kenyons a focus of their Instagram page for the day. How amazing is that? Talk about mass excitement. Thank you Face à Face, we are honoured.

That’s all for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed the update.

We’ll be back soon with big news!!

Stay well, Fay

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